Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Was A Great YEAR!!

This year has been full of God's grace and mercy! My family is doing great. My faith community is great. Thousands of kids (literally) have been challenged with the truth of the gospel, responded to altar calls, and have been encouraged to dream again. There are so many things that I could be thankful for, but I'll just share 10 of them!

TOP TEN Highlights (in no particular order):

1. After a couple of years of living with my parents, we finally moved back into our home earlier this year. I'm grateful to God for having supportive parents and a place to stay during the hard times. It's sure is great to be home though. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL BACK STORY OF OUR FAMILY'S INCREDIBLE JOURNEY!) 

2. I (along with an INCREDIBLE team) was able to lead in conducting 4 camps for children this summer! 2 discovery camps, 1 VBS camp and 1 arts camp.
Here are some video clips and pics:

Youth Discovery Camp 
Vacation Bible School

3. The team and I also led a successful backpack giveaway for the community this year. We partnered with artists and organizations to give 150 backpacks to the community while throwing a GREAT concert.

4. I've shared the stage with some incredible artists to include: Derek Minor, Propaganda, Json, S.O., & Marz this year.

DJ Dynasty, Marz and her band
My wife and me w/ Derek Minor, Propaganda

5. I asked the Lord to open up doors to do 3 concerts out of state this year. I was blessed to do 3 concerts AND minister during a Sunday morning service. And it all happened this month - the last month of the year.

6. This summer, I was endorsed by a clothing company called Grounded Designs. This partnership has been such a blessing. 

7. I launched a GoFundMe page which has received over $8,000 so far! This is my first time ever doing a crowd funding campaign for my music. I'm so thankful for the support that I've received so far. Almost there!

8. I prayed that my music would cross denominational lines and bring people together. I recently performed at my first youth convention for another church denomination. It was huge and a big answer to prayer! (Video below)

9. I celebrated 10 years of being in full time ministry! Definitely a special moment for me.

10. I'm headlining my own national tour of almost 20 dates in a "slow season for concerts" (according to Reach Records booking agents). I've done more concerts this year than in any other year that I've been doing music. It's been the favor of God and I'm so grateful for it!!
I've also finished the recording and mixing of my new EP called "Between Dreams and Reality". It is now in the mastering phase. Then it will be packaged and ready to go! Be on the lookout for the official release date, videos and more.

Official Album Cover Artwork

So many other incredible things have happened this year! Great music industry relationships are being built, our annual Freedom Fest was a huge success, ministry transitions at the church were navigated sooo much better than I originally planned, and I even got to film in a small movie role! I've got a strong family, a tight ministry team at church, and a great Freedom Music Group team is finally being formed! Next year is looking incredible too. Not just for me - for my church and for the city. So many great things in the works! Please keep me and my family in prayer. For real!

Dream big, friends! 2016 is a great year for the kingdom of God!

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