Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dreamers (Lyrics)


I know the shadows in the night surround us
It feels like running through the dark
I feel the pressure closing in around us
We're trying not to fall apart
I know how it seems I’m chasing my dreams and you chasing me I know
We know God is in control, Baby
Take my hand here we go

Verse 1:
I thought I’d have this figured out before you came along
Wasn’t a thought never cross my mind that I’d write this song
It made sense in my internals, my dream journals
My five senses my ambitions my inferno
I knew I'd be your king and you would be my queen
Don’t worry ‘bout a thing I made the castle of your dreams
I’ll take you to places that you’ve never seen
Different scenes, the diamond rings, the finer things
I swear I had it all planned out stand down if they rapping I’m about to stand out
I came back from TBI trying to get a 9-5 maybe hustle on the side
I guess it never panned out
Work is closing in my face now I’m playing in my doubts
Low on paper but on paper least I got a lil clout
Looking for a different route while I’m drowning in my misery
Along came a my dream girl and full time ministry

Verse 2:
Now we’re older, fast forward, past the motives
God is teaching me temperance, got you to thank for it
And we ain’t bank rollin’ but we starting to get it
That funny feeling called compassion we’re starting to feel it
Now I’m catchin' the vision, I believe in the children
I hope my money meets my faith because reality’s pinchin'
Now we got our own children while my priorities shifted
Working extra hours at the church while you doing the dishes
You making these dishes but I give you left overs
Only time I help is when I know we’re having guest over
I come home mentally tired, I just wanna be your Jireh
I wanna be your provider, bless you with an empire
That's why it hurt when I moved us to dad’s when things got ugly
Tears streaming down your face and I’m like baby trust me
I tried to play it off strong but deep inside it crushed me
After all these windy roads I’m just glad you love me

Verse 3:
Fast forward it's season 4 and we’re still together
A big collection of dreams, goals, and big endeavors
Our lives are something we can build together
It’s funny how we grow closer by loving God and paying bills together
Went through plenty resentment, learned a lot of contentment
You never prayed for Superman you just wanted commitment
I ain’t gotta front, mask error, run our love is real
Because even if your mascara runs I know you never will (I love you)

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