Monday, October 8, 2012

My 10 Recent Lightbulb Statements


1. Reading let's me hang out with great leaders that I may never shake hands with.
2. Without the Holy Spirit, the pieces to the puzzle of life can be right in front of me and I won't know how they connect.
3. Don't set unrealistic expectations on people. They will fail me every single time. And it won't be their fault.
4. Music is meant to be the voice of a culture. I've gotta know my culture and accept my role in it.
5. Kingdom art exists to show the world the beauty and the character of Christ.
6. Work harder than anyone else.
7. I can't do what God wants me to do all by myself. I need people. Trust.
8. Everything that I experience (good or bad) is for a season and is redeemable by God. God may not have caused every situation but He will not let that situation go to waste.
9. Before I decide to work with someone in ministry long term, I've gotta know who they are outside of ministry. I can't let myself press forward until I know who they really are.
10. While everyone else is chasing the big accomplishments, value the "small" things. My family, church community, and neighborhood deserve my full investment. Even though they seem small, they matter most to God.

And here's an extra one:
In the discipleship process, there is mutual encouragement. Iron sharpens iron. The son learns how to be a better son and the father learns how to be a better father. Boldness mixed with humility is key for everyone involved.


  1. This is good thinking, and a great way to get other to think too.

  2. Thanks bro. I always appreciate your feedback.

  3. These blessed my soul. Good spiritual eating my brother!!! You have inspired me to dig a little deeper...thanks for being obedient!

  4. Thanks Kara! I'm glad you were encouraged sis :)