Monday, July 9, 2012

Africa Update pt 1 (video)

Maannnn! It's good to be back and able to blog again! So let me tell you about Africa :) Obviously, there is too much to talk about in just one post so I'm going to break it up a little bit. And in man fashion, I am only going to give you the highlights lol! I will throw in some details for the ladies...but only a few! In short, it was incredible. But, of course, that's what everyone says after a mission trip. So here are some of my personal highlights!

So, as some of you may know, I went on this mission trip with a few others from my church!  There was a total of 10 of us on the trip. My younger sister Marsha went too. (That made the trip pretty special for me.) We had a pretty multiracial group. 4 Hispanics, 4 Caucasians and 2 African Americans. (Simply put, 4 browns, 4 whites and 2 blacks lol!)  We had a diverse team with diverse gifts and diverse personalities. God really put us together for that trip. (I'll post pics of the team later.) It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, the necessity of teamwork, etc.

I got a lot out of this trip. One of the things that I was privileged to witness was their passion...especially during music! One of the guys who worked for Africa New Life Ministries (the place we connected with in Rwanda) told us something that I won't Jesus' name! He told us that the people there continue go through much hardship and trial. So when it's time to praise the Lord, they consider that as a time to get their mind off of their problems and rejoice in the Lord! And they rejoiced! We were able to minister to some of the kids who went to school there at Africa New Life's Dream Center. Some of these kids had already done and sold drugs. They were in extreme poverty. You would think that they would be sad. But when the music came on these kids went crazy with joy! I was able to give them a few rap songs and they loved it! (Apparently, the like rap!) Check out this video...

Seeing them so passionate made me want to check myself and wonder why I don't go crazy like that on Sunday morning! That hurts too much so I'll leave that alone. But needless to say, God challenged my level of passion while I was there. And that was one of my many highlights during this trip! I'll be sharing lots more. If you have a comment or a question about something that I left out, please leave me a comment! I respond :)

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