Monday, July 23, 2012

Africa Update pt 2 (radio interview today at 3pm)

Hey Yall,

Since I've been back from Rwanda it seems like it's been nonstop for me. I was blessed to do another youth camp with Cornerstone! Then I had jury duty. And I actually got picked! That was pretty interesting. Now I'm getting back into the flow of things. Youth ministry, concerts...and it don't stop. I haven't been able to give everyone updates as much as I'd like. BUT...

I recently did a radio interview with a friend of mine (Pastor Mel Keys), and I explained a little more about what happened while in Africa. It will be airing at 3pm (Texas time:) at! Hopefully you can take a listen. Also, I've uploaded about 50+ pics to the Freedom Music Group Flickr page. You can check them out by CLICKING HERE. Thanks for your prayers and support! I'll update again soon.


You can click the following link to listen to the interview now!

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