Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Theology Thursday" : Meet Jerusha Klayman (video)

Ok Everybody! We've come to the end of our "Theology Thursday" series. Like I mentioned last week, I wanted to end this segment with some real life stories of how the gospel has affected people's lives! We're gonna end this out with my friend Jerusha's testimony.

I met Jerusha not too long ago while she was still living here in San Antonio and working with The Pais Project. It was definitely one of those God-ordained connections. We started building a relationship. I later found out that she could sing! (She sings good:) I've been privileged to work with her on a song that you'll get for free soon. The song's not completely mixed yet but it's a coffee shop! Jerusha has recently moved back home to Cincinnati, Oh. She was gracious enough to put an abbreviated version of her testimony online so that I could feature it in my blog. You can definitely tell that God has changed her life! I hope you enjoy her video. If you do, please share it! And be on the lookout for her. God has got some great things planned...

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