Monday, October 18, 2010

Could Be Depressing...or a Challenge!

Before I started my workout today, Marsha decides to pull out the scale and says "let's see what we're working with here". Well these last couple of days I've been feeling really good about myself. I've been sore...and I've even been doing a few exercises on my own (here and there). I didn't feel as sluggish. I thought to myself, "When I get on this scale I'm gonna see myself at about eeh...low 190's." Not exactly. Turns out I actually gained weight. Seriously? Yes. How in the world is that possible when I've been working out much more than I used too (which was nothing before)?

Well obviously my diet hasn't been what it should. I've got to get strict on what I allow myself to eat. As you saw in my previous blog, my struggle has definitely been the sugar. I was also eating things that I didn't know I was not allowed to eat. I know this may sound silly but I was eating beef like homeade hamburgers and tacos with lean ground beef. (I thought I needed protein haha!) Turns out I was supposed to be eating chicken and turkey this entire time. And no sugars for 21 days...not even fruit. I've been killing bananas recently. I couldn't have dairy. I've been killing cheese and milk lately.

Marsha is finally going to send me the official meal plan today. Actually, I should be getting it in my email in about an hour. I've made up my mind. I will get back to my comfortable 177(ish) again. And here's my goal: I'm gonna get there before the new year. This means I've got to lose 21 pounds in 2 months. I know the only way I'm gonna get there is if I work my tail off (literally). I'm gonna do it though. With the help of the Holy Ghost I'm gonna do it. I have to stop playing around with this sugar man...and all of the other stuff too. So long American and Mexican food...I'll be eating squirrel bait from here on out. Pray for ya boy!

I'm learning something spiritual from this process too. If I work out spiritually (i.e. praying & reading the Word) but I don't watch my intake (TV, entertaining wrong thoughts, gossip and idleness) then I'm really defeating myself. Just a mental note to self: "Jarrell, watch your spiritual, emotional, and physical diet." Colossians 3 on'em. Proverbs on'em.


  1. Wow Ja that's good stuff. Not what we want to hear but reality bites right? LOL
    I feel ya, I am on my 9th week of insanity and have lost next to nothing and I don't have the strict diet like what you exampled but I eat lots of veggies and small portions of the other stuff yet I feel great and I am toning like crazy.

    It's time for the kingdom to serve the Lord in as youthful way as possible. How else will we stomp the enemy and endure the fight.

    I love this and I see you. Definitely praying for ya.

  2. @Laura J I'm so proud of you! Just so you know, your insanity workout is working! I could tell the difference last time I saw you :) Yes maam we've defintely got to get ourselves in shape. We've only got one body to fulfil His purposes so the way I see it this is a part of worship to God. Love you sis!