Saturday, March 20, 2010

"The Freedom Project" CD Description (pt 1)

Hey Yall,

I'm so excited about the release of my new CD, The Freedom Project, which will be available for sale in exactly one week from today! I've given you the background of why I did this CD the way I did it. Now I'd like to give you a little info about the CD itself.

The Freedom Project will have 7 tracks on it. Here's the track list:

1. Feintro
2. Frontline
3. It Ain't About Me
4. Memories
5. Who Do You Believe In (A capella)
6. White Rags
7. Frontline (Screwed and Chopped Remix)

I'm gonna quickly go over a brief meaning of the songs and who was involved in the CD's production.

Meaning Behind the Songs

The idea for Feintro came when I was trying to basically summarize the theme of the album. A lot of times when we think of addictions, we think of things like drug addictions, sex addictions, or some kind of addiction that will eventually land a person in jail. But we can't limit the definition of addictions to those things. Everyone battles with addictions. It could be an eating habit, an addiction to your job (for all of the workaholics out there), or anything else that you hold on to that doesn't allow Christ to have complete control of your life. One huge root addiction is the addiction to self glory and self preservation. But remember, "addictions don't come to play". What is the goal of any sin? To bring you into a greater realm of death. This intro reminds us of this fact, and that true liberty can only be found in Christ.

Frontline encourages believers to step out and to give this message of freedom to a world that is trapped in every bondage imaginable. Jesus died for the whole world, not just a few. Our commission from Him is to go and to preach the gospel (the good news) to everyone. If the power was on Jesus to set free those who were bound, then His disciples should do the same. It Ain't About Me is actually a remix of my first recorded rap song. ("Let's take'em to DAY ONE!") It deals directly with our tendency to glorify ourselves. We do this through status symbols like money, cars, houses, and even relationships that we think will make us look near perfect. There's two major problems with trying to glorify ourselves: (1) We rob God of His glory and (2) everything we trust in outside of God is temporal and perishable. The Lord tells us that if we want to follow Him, we MUST deny ourselves. This is not an option.

(cont to pt 2)

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