Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Background Behind the CD Sampler pt 2

(see pt 1 before reading this)

The desire didn't go away, but something did begin to happen. The Lord began to show me how to merge the new material He gave me with the urban style of music that He put in my heart at the very beginning. Now some of you are probably thinking, "Nope! Can't mix new wine with old wineskins brother. You're way off!" Lol! Well I thought the same thing at first. Then I remembered something that gave me a whole lot of peace. Progressive revelation. When God gives you a word, we have to remember that God's word will stand forever. God's words are eternal. They always stand. So what do I do when I get a "new word" from God? Since His words are eternal I can't rightly trash the "old word" for the "new word". It's this same mindset that has believers discarding the "old testament" for the "new testament". (That's all I'll say about that:) No. Instead of discarding something that the Lord spoke to me earlier, my response should be to BUILD on that word. That's progressive revelation. The children of Israel experienced this. The early church experienced this.

So what was I supposed to do with the music that I had already recorded and mixed? During this time of confusion, I had a talk with my dad about what was going on with me. (Seek godly counsel.) Everything that my dad was saying reminded me of progressive revelation. He said that I need to realize that my songs are a reflection of my journey with the Lord. Because this CD has been years in the making, they're all going to reflect a different part of my journey. I was so relieved. I finally felt peace in my heart, and I knew that the Lord wanted me to release the tracks that I already have...

And that's what you all will be getting this month!!!

So in closing let me tell you about the CD. This CD will have an intro, 4 full length songs, an a cappela verse, and a screwed/chopped remix of one of the songs. (I'm trying to figure out whether or not I should add another song.) I produced a lot of the project. I also have guest production from a few friends. My man Stephen Moody out in Dallas contributed to the intro of the project. I've also got production from Knine on it. Guest DJs include DJ Essence from Lampmode Recordings and DJ Primo out Houston (on that screwed/chopped remix). There's pretty much something for everyone on the project: live guitars, slow rap, fast rap, beats containing old school sampled songs, thought-provoking lyrics, crazy southern beats...it's pretty much all there. The track list:

1. Feintro
2. Frontline
3. It Ain't About Me
4. Memories
5. Who Do You Believe In (A cappela)
6. White Rags
7. Frontline (DJ Primo Remix)

(Still debating about whether I should add another full length track to the list.)

As you can probably guess, I'm also working on an EP of the songs that the Lord has been giving me in my quiet time. That will also be out this year. God has granted some crazy favor on that project already! It's gonna be pretty different from the one coming out this month. It's a different part of the journey...different in content, different musically...everything's just different. Be on the lookout for some video announcements about the release of a single called "City of God".

Well that's about all. I can't wait to share all of this music with you! Hopefully it will challenge you to have a passion and a hunger for Christ, His reality and His truth!


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