Saturday, March 20, 2010

"The Freedom Project" CD Description (pt 2)

One thing I've noticed in my life and in the people around me is that it's so easy to hold on to the past. There are different things that happen in people's lives, and some of those experiences are very hard to deal with. What's crazy is that if these experiences aren't dealt with, they will always create road blocks for us in the future. I've seen many people who have gone through traumatic things and come out on the other side looking fine...for a while. Then years later when everything seems to be going well for them, they take a nose dive because things in their past were never dealt with. In Memories, I try to explain that w/o leaning Christ "your memories will only serve to remind you of the weakness of your own flesh". Who Do You Believe In is an a capella verse that I decided to add to the CD. It basically describes different attributes and descriptions of God and challenges the listener to know who it is that they believe in before they exit this life. White Rags is probably my favorite song on this CD! It's a crazy anthem for all those who make it a lifestyle to submit to Christ. The concept for the song actually came after I ministered at a youth detention facility. The guy who was over it at the time asked me to do a song for an initiative he was trying to get started. The Lord brought the song together and it was a perfect fit for the theme of the CD. "You might not like it homie/freedom's obeying rules/freedom's obeying Christ/you're lawless, you're a fool." I wish people could really understand that before they "give their lives to Jesus".

Music Production

As far as the production of the CD goes, God has put several people in my path that I've enjoyed working with. I did a lot of the music production as well. I'm gonna give you a quick track listing with the production credits:

1) Feintro (produced by Stephen Moody for M-tegrity Productions)
2) Frontline (produced by Jarrell for FMG Productions)
3) It Ain't About Me (produced by Jarrell for FMG Productions/DJ Essence w Lampmode Recordings)
4) Memories (produced by Knine for DoggTracks/Jarrell for FMG Productions)
5) Who Do you Believe In (A capella)
6) White Rags (produced by Jarrell for FMG Productions/Byron Spears for Spears Sound Studio)
7) Frontline Remix (Screwed & Chopped by DJ Primo for Much Luvv Records)

All songs were recorded with Carl at Master's Touch Studio's and mixed with Ron Morales at Studio M.

I really appreciate the fact that the Lord has allowed me to release this CD and put people in my path to make it happen.

So there it is! I look forward to you all finally hearing this thing!! Thanks for your time.


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