Saturday, March 26, 2016

#BackToBasics Devo - John 17-21

John 17 - Eternal is knowing the Father and the Son. Jesus prayed that we would not be taken out of the world, but preserved and sanctified (set apart) by the truth of God's word! Jesus prays for unity in the body.

John 18 - It's amazing that the religious rulers were mindful to try to keep the technicalities of the religious law while try kill Jesus. "What is truth?" That is an age old question.

John 19 - In the darkest moment of Jesus' life, He trusted in the sovereignty of His Father. 

John 20 - "As my Father has sent me, so am I sending you." Then He breathed on them and said "Receive the Holy Ghost!" We must be sent by the Father with the power of the Holy Spirit!

John 21 - Even after Peter denied Jesus, Peter receives another invitation to follow Jesus. What a gracious God!

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