Thursday, February 4, 2016

#BackToBasics Intro & Devotion Time - Matthew 4

Hey all!

I've been inwardly challenged to go through a season of what I'm calling "Back To Basics". This will consist of going through the four gospels, getting back to healthy eating, reconnecting with my church community, and of course working out.
The Dreams To Reality Tour was such a blessing. But the tour kinda threw me off in a lot of ways too. And I was on it for 3 months! (Hopefully I'l find a good rhythm of winning in transition because I need that for pretty much every area of my life!) I'm a creature of habit which kind of makes me a little different than what I typically picture an artist to be. I think of artists flying by the seat of their pants and loving it! I don't love that. I lean more towards structure and order. And when I don't feel structure, then I tend to uhhh....lose it! I guess that's just an artist stereotype because I'm an artist and I don't fit that mold lol! Ok, enough rambling...

This is me getting back into the swing of things. I'm going to start posting my notes on the gospels here on my blog. I may add a few notes here and there, but if you want to experience the full story then you need to follow me on social media...especially Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook...but especially Snapchat. (Really feeling Snapchat right now lol!)

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Ok, notes...

Matthew 4

1. The devil tried to tempt Jesus to commit suicide by using a scripture out of context.

2. Jesus resisted temptation because He was strong in the word of God.
3. What you worship is what you serve.
4. Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom and demonstrated the kingdom by healing all types of sickness.
5. Demon possession is categorized here as a sickness.

These notes are not meant to be an exhaustive bible study. They're just personal observations of scripture that really stand out to me. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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