Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Soap Box Video X Lyrics

My artistic journey continues. I stepped outside of the box of conventional rap and into the world of spoken word poetry on this video. I hope you enjoy! The lyrics are below the video. You can also download the audio for free by clicking the download button on the audio player below. Enjoy!


Addictions got people locked down in various ways
In various stages of life leaving them all in a daze
All of their days they’re trying to satisfy what they crave
All in a day’s work but work is never done for a slave
No doubt
We’re surrounded by sin filled syringes
You know what your syringe is
Your body loves sin but sin’s got you in its clinches
You’ll shake the binges when you seek God in repentance and ask for His forgiveness no matter what the binge is
From dinner plates to hauling weight down them interstates
We all need our inner state
Changed like some highway construction
Changing lanes of lust and seduction to trusting in God
Yeah we need Jesus to free us but freedom’s in Jesus
You know Jesus you know peace, no Jesus nights are sleepless
Because no matter the age or gender the craving's agenda is to stay in the center and makes slaves and sinners of us

So take a look at who you bow to, examine your condition
If God showed up would it be shameful for you to mention
The things you did when you were in bondage to your addiction
Searching for peace but wrapped in the arms of affliction
Human cravings and lust run the system of this world that we live in
Our actions asking for hell but through faith in Christ we’re forgiven
When we walk in the spirit, the dominion of sin slips
And we don’t think it necessary to have everything sin grips
We don’t even think it intriguing to see heathens scheming and fiending for different reasons under demon oppression
We wanna get them all believing they all need an injection from heaven to heed the correction and make Jesus their obsession
Because the wages of sin is death and the wages of death in sin equals eternal punishment from God on all men
Because all have fallen short of God’s glory and have given in to evil passions within
But within Christ we’re made righteous with Him


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