Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Redefine Babe

I was sitting here rocking my 3-month-old baby girl to sleep (who, by the way, was screaming her head off), and I started thinking. I started thinking about what a great example this is of "babes" in the faith.

For example...

1. She's passionate...especially about getting her needs met. (Her prayers reflect that daily.)

2. She has the cutest smile! The joy of a baby is priceless :)

3. She has no idea that her growing process tends to get annoying to those around her at times...especially to the ones feeding and discipling her. Like...she really has no clue. And she doesn't care. She just needs what she needs. And God grows everyone in the process.

4. She has no idea how much her family loves her...especially her dad :) She thinks she does. But she'll understand even more as she grows.

Defining "babe" in Christ should always be based on lifestyle. The question should always be, "Are you LIVING like Christ?" You can know a lot of things and you're life can still be looking like an infant. I know a lot of those. And I think I am that person to a lot of others. (Thank God for His grace.) The more you grow in God, the less childish you become. You can't grow from childish behavior to maturity in a few years. No one can teach immaturity out of you. Growing up is something you experience as you do life. Let's grow!

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