Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flavor Fest: We made it! First day...

We made it to Tampa! We flew out this morning, had a lay over in Atlanta and made it to Tampa @ 2p (which is 1p SA, TX time).

Today was registration and the host church's youth service. I must say...I've never seen anything like it! Pretty cool. Their praise and worship was lead by Team Remix, a group who remixed p&w songs by putting them to Christian rap beats. There was no "set speaker" for the night. Just testimonials, videos and a concert. It was kinda hard for me to engage (probably because it was all new to me) but the kids seemed to love it. I guess what really impressed me the most is that the church was not afraid to have a specialty. They weren't afraid of being an "overly hip hop/urban church" because that's who they are. A Christian rapper actually started this church. It would be silly for him to try to be so broad with his vision for the church so that he could avoid being labeled as "the hip hop" church. It's who he is. It's who his staff are. So I'm asking myself, "What is the natural lean of the ministry that I'm a part of? What could we naturally specialize in? Am I too scared to have a focus because I want to be considered well-rounded in many areas?" Good stuff to think about.
Well, tomorrow starts the conference breakout sessions, etc. I'll be rapping tomorrow evening. Keep us in prayer!


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