Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flavor Fest: Day 2 & 3 (part 1)

I was on the go so I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday. It short, it was pretty awesome! The atmosphere is great here and these breakout sessions have been very helpful for my wife and I. It's pretty surreal. I don't really listen to much rap but I'm a fan of the movement so I stay current with what's going on. That being the case, I know who most of these people are...and they don't know me lol! Seriously, it seems like everybody is here and at the same time nobody's here. What I mean is that everywhere you turn you see notable artist in the christian rap world. And for a conference like this you would think that more people would be here but...not exactly. The christian rap movement is weird. It's at that stage where it's big and small at the same time. I walk out of my hotel room and go to the lobby to get something to eat and people like Braille and the Humble Beast crew, Pettidee, Antonious (yes from Grapetree), R-Swift, JR, anybody you can think of is out there. These guys are so cool too. Every once and a while you'll run into an artist or someone who's a genuine jerk but it's rare.
So as you know I rapped yesterday. It was good. Even though the put my set between two Reach Records artist I think that by God's grace I wasn't a dead spot in the flow. (At least I hope I wasn't haha!) It was a good experience. I've built some good relationships since I've been here. Today was amazing too! I'll have to share some pics later on. Right now I've gotta get to a couple of interviews. Keep us in prayer. Our goal is to take what we're learning here and bring it back to SA. We need this stuff.

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