Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soo...Flavor Fest!

As I mentioned in my blog post Monday, my next concert isn't until Flavor Fest in October! I'm really excited about this one! One day I was looking over some "CHH" (Christian Hip Hop) news and I saw the advertisement for Flavor Fest. Normally I just skip these advertisements and move on to more important stories :) But when I saw this one I felt a tug from the Lord and I knew I was supposed to be there. Registration for the conference had just begun. They also advertised that if you registered for the conference then you could register to be one of the performers at this year's conference. If I submitted my music and they liked it then I could perform. To put this into perspective, this is one of the biggest urban leadership conferences that I know of. Lots of artists are trying to get in because, honestly, there will be a lot of nationally known artists there. If you're chosen to perform, you get to personally meet these guys...etc.

Well, I was actually super excited about learning how to minister more effectively to my increasingly urban community. If you've been following this blog, you know that God has turned my heart towards trying to reach the kids in my church as well as my immediate surroundings. Getting the chance to rap at the same place I would be learning all of this cool stuff was really icing on the cake. So I applied...and they contacted me and told me that I was selected to perform! Crazy! What's more crazy is that they only chose 11 other artist that were not nationally known (out of the many that applied). More good news...the Lord actually provided money for us to make the trip!! Below is a picture of the "national" artist list. I put national in parenthesis because "national" sounds like popular but I'm quite sure that some of you may have never heard of these guys lol! Don't get me wrong, they are national. These artists travel all over the nation and 3 of them are from the UK. They're pretty well known in the Christian rap circle. That circle just happens to be a small circle right now. It's growing though. If you're interested in going with me, check out to find out more info about Flavor Fest!

Here's the official commercial...


 After this, Jeneil and I will be headed to ATL. While there, we will be checking out a church called Blueprint Church. It is a relatively new church plant located right in the heart of Atlanta. I first heard about this church because a few influential Christian rappers helped plant the church. Since then, I've heard about the church's ability to foster genuine community and their efforts in reaching out to their neighborhood. Jeneil and I will be attending a small group session and church service! Hopefully we'll learn something that can be applicable here.

Please keep us in prayer. Pray that God allow us to learn, grow and bring something back that will impact our church and neighborhood. And please pray that God will allow us to build relationships. We want to build relationships over there in Tampa but even more so here in town. I'm not concerned with national attention right now. I just want to make a kingdom dent where I, not a kingdom "dent". I want to take all of my resources, aim them at our neighborhood, and fire away until the target is no longer recognizable! (Pretty graphic!)I want this neighborhood to be blown away by the power of God. I can't do it alone. We need help with the label and other stuff so pray that God sends the right people along. And when they come, pray that we recognize them.




  1. So glad to came across your blog. Congratulations!

    "I want to take all of my resources, aim them at our neighborhood, and fire away until the target is no longer recognizable!"

    Yeah, pretty graphic. HaHA. But in a good way. God is definitely gonna bring TRANSFORMATION through you, soon it will be for sure no longer recognizable.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks! Your pictures rock're like a professional blogger haha! Hope all is well...