Friday, February 11, 2011

What's Next & God Belongs In My City

As you can see, I finished John Bevere's "Driven by Eternity". It's a powerful book that's basically centered around the teaching of Eternal Judgment. Definitely got me to view some aspects of my life differently. I think the things presented in that book are definitely revelations that I'm going to have to grow into. Nothing like a good challenge!

So I started reading the book on prayer (Incense & Thunder) at the same time I started "Driven by Eternity". Then I decided to stick with one book at a time. Now I've misplaced the prayer book. (Lyin' devil!) It's probably in my office. After I find & finish that one I've got "The Exemplary Husband" & "Shepherding a Child's Heart" on my radar. There's also another book that I saw at my dad's house about understanding the prophecy motivated person & understanding the pitfalls. I'm very interested in that one. I am VERY prophecy motivated. The name of the book escapes me right now.

I think I'm doing good for a person who would rather watch a movie than read a book. God's grace! One more thing...

I was at this meeting tonight with some leaders from the Hispanic Baptist community. Actually the head of the Baptist Association was also there. Do you remember that video that I posted called "God Belongs in My City" with C-Lite? (Look a few posts back for the "In My City" post.) That video was a part of a larger movement in New York called "God Belongs In My City". Guess what? The movement is coming here with the main event being held on May 21st! Check out for more info. I'll go into detail later but I will say that there may be some Kingdom collabs about to go down & CHRIST is about to get some major face time in SA! Through music & media? Yeah. But God gets the most shine when we are in unity. John 17...& Jesus' prayers always get answered. God Belongs In My City. MAN I'M AMPED! Well until the details get dropped, check out the homie LitaRodi at I heard about him tonight. As far as I can tell this dude is solid! Til next time...


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