Thursday, November 18, 2010

In The Midst Of It All

Another quick blog...

I released my EP on iTunes Nov 16th. Now I'm in the middle of pushing it and getting the word out about it. As some of you may know, we just finished a concert at Youth Fall Retreat the weekend before. About 700 people in attendance there. One thing I did notice while I was there...there were a lot of TX churches in attendance. (More on that later.)

After being out of town for two days, we finally come home to San Antonio. Home sweet home. My EP is scheduled to come out the upcoming Tuesday. Well Nyomi gets sick Monday. She starts throwing up everything we try to feed her. And these are not little kiddie-looking throw ups. This looks like the real deal. So my wife and I begin to pray and rebuke the enemy as a nice Christian family should. Well as Nyomi begins to get better, Jeneil gets sick. Last night Jeneil threw up like 3 or 4 times...which is rare because she hardly ever thows up...except when she's pregnant. But we're pretty sure this is not that.

My attention has been forced towards praying for my family. Even more so than I already do. I know that God didnt put any of this on our family but I'm starting to notice that God wants my attention to be local first. (Hence the Texas churches at YFR). Here's the pattern that I know God has placed in my heart. My personal relationship with Him should overflow into my home life. My home life should overflow into my church life. Church to community, community to city and so on. It grates against my flesh because I want as many people as possible to get The Freedom Project. But what if the EP reaches out of towners but I lose the kid coming to our youth group every Wednesday who's still not free in Christ. Or what if I get the word out about the CD but my family is sick and stays sick because I as the head of my home am not interceding on their behalf. I'm learning more and more how to define success and failure. And I believe that God has allowed reminders to remind me to grow slow. Dont blow up and blow away. Establish roots in Him. Get my family rooted and grounded. Establish roots in my community...leave a mark in my city. To everything there's a season...and with patience we inherit the promise.


  1. Amen brother! May we be firmly rooted and planted in You Lord.

  2. Yes sir Jarrell. I think it is so awesome how God is always speaking and showing us the path he wants us to walk. Only those who are cautious and not drinking from the stream without looking around us to see what is going on will make it through the battles and the wilderness. You are so inspiring. Thanks