Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sounds of Inspiration

Hey Yall,

Here is some stuff that I've been listening to lately...

I'm basically picking apart Switchfoot's album. Ingenious stuff in there.

I'm listening to a couple of songs from Flyleaf. Again and Beatiful Bride are probably my favorite songs. Learning a lot from this CD. She can get a little scary sometimes with those whispy prophetic music haha! Love the guitar chords and progressions in this song.

Love the guitar progressions in this song too!

Misty! I like when she goes off the page with it. That's prophetic music for you. And the lyrics resonate so much with the spirit man! Amazing.

So basically I've been listening to alternative, rock and worship. Been listening to a little Toby Mac, Need to Breathe, Jason Upton, Manafest and a few others. I haven't had much rap in my player. (I did just download this project from a rapper named Mouthpiece. It's like this dude has rap flowing through his veins or something. His flow is definitely mainstream. It's crazy he hasn't received more recognition. In my opinion it's probably because he uses language that doesn't fit with "Christian" rap. Dude's got skills though.) I just got a newflash: I'm not a gangsta...but I do love rap. What's funny is that in my context (the people in my surroundings) are kind of the same way. They're not avid rap fans but they do like rap. Their taste is more of a melting pot of different things. They like some rap, mostly rock (screaming is better), and other genres. Whatever genre fits the mood that they're in...that's what they'll be listening to. I could learn a lot from that. Anyway, that's what's been in my ears as of late. That and Marsha telling me to "keep working" while I'm doing my workouts. By the way, I'll be posting again soon and letting you know my progress with my workouts! I'm losing inches and pounds, and I'm already starting to see results! Yes!

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