Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unity, Concert Footage and a Special Announcement!

What up yall! Thanks for following "The Life Behind the Music". The first video I did was shot at City Reachers. If I'm not doing some type of ministry, I am here every Friday night praying with a few crazies like me lol! The prayer meeting normally starts at 10pm and doesn't end until 1am or later. It's hard to go sometimes because...well it's just easier to stay in with the fam and watch CSI or something haha! But it's worth it to come together with people that have like minds. If anything is gonna get done in this city, we've gotta pray first. Oh and about the part where the doors are locked...I got an email saying that they weren't gonna meet and I totally forgot about it so that was that.

The next day was the outreach on the East Side! DJ Sermon was pretty much the guy responsible for that one...with Bro Dre LOC working closely with him. It's good to be working with those guys. There were actually alot of other artists that are not in the video. Poetic Soulja, Scout da Psalmist, Double Blessing, dance crews, a was pretty cool.

And about the special looking for the devo to drop early November!!

Til Next time,


  1. Yo you got my wife thelma in tha cam Hahahaha and i was in side getting interviewed with AEFC we were there and i just Missed you man

  2. Sean, I saw you just as you were going into the interview. I never saw you come out though haha!

    I also want to welcome our newest member, Alex Banbury. Sean you need to connect with Al B for real!