Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Thoughts on the "Why Pray?" Challenge

Well as some of you know, I presented a challenge to Facebookers and people who read this blog. The challenge was to simply write (or videotape) your thoughts about prayer. I called and texted people to remind them to submit their comments. I even added an incentive of a free CD and reminded people who told me they wanted a CD to submit a post for their chance to get one. Sadly, I only received one submission to my work email. (This person already has a CD by the way.) I asked if I could post the submission and I got no response. Here are my thoughts on that...

Now breathe a sigh of relief because I am in no way going to vent about how ungodly of person you are for not participating! (If you did not participate, it does NOT mean that you are ungodly:) I know that the reasons why people didn't participate were many. Some people just didn't know about it! It's funny because I actually sold CDs during the time of this challenge! I was like, " you know that you could get this CD for free?" During this experience, I definitely learned, or should I say "re-learned", a great lesson. (If you're a leader/artist, now would be a great time to take note!) We live in a world where people are bumbarded with advertisement. People pour big money into campaigns in order to be at the forefront of the minds of the general public. Sometimes the work of creating something is only a small portion of the work that needs to be done. The next thing is getting the word out. I think I could have done a better job with that part of it. I am actually working on a full blown campaign to get the word out about my CD. It's huge. (And most of it will happen because of relationships.) I'm doing this because I still have people asking me "Hey man we still bump your CD that you did 10 years ago are you coming out with anything else?" Then I reply in bewilderment, "Um...yes...I actually just came out with a CD! Would you like a copy?" And of course in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "You're a friend AND a fan on FB. I sent messages and updates (and sometimes texts) and you still didn't know??" Hahaha! I'm laughing right now because I know that is descriptive of a lot of people who complete a project and then try to get the word out about it. *Newsflash: The people still want your music, still want to be involved in your campaign, still want to be involved in your church, etc. They are just so overwhelmed with junk mail that most times they delete your info too soon.* (Most of the time it's probably because they have their own goals that their trying to reach.) So don't get mad at people. Just work really hard and believe that your work will pay off. Hustle and be patient :)

I did have a few people who really did intend to submit posts (and told me they would). They didn't want to do it only for the free CD. They saw the value of participating, even if it was a glimpse. I'm assuming that they just got too busy.

I want to talk about being busy for just a minute. I won't have to talk about it for long because I think you already know the jist of what I'm about to say. Remember Mary and Martha? We've got to have a balance. Mary was at the feet of Jesus worshipping. Martha was busy trying to make Jesus feel at home. We can't stay at the feet of Jesus (in our prayer closets, soaking, etc) to the point that we don't get any earthly duties done. We also can't be so busy "kingdom grinding" that we trade intimacy with God for works. Our works (good deeds) must spring forth from our intimacy with God. This is worship in spirit and in truth. Any deeds outside of intimacy with the Life Source is considered by God to be "dead works". God's teaching me to value things that he values. He values relationships. He doesn't value petty little networks and man-made business connections that aren't full of the life of God. He values peace, not politics. Love, not lust for power and control. Family over "ministry", not vice versa. Stewardship. These are eternal.

In closing, God is doing something powerful in the earth today. This is especially true in the arena of prayer. That's why I presented the challenge. There is a revival fire beginning to stir all across America. At my concerts, I have seen a greater increase in the manifestation of God's rap concerts! I believe it's because God has turned my heart towards prayer, fasting, and a new hunger for gospel living! Go find a place where saints are gathered and begin to pray!! I'm telling you that prayer is where it's at! If anybody out there has ears, let him hear.

Thank you for your time! I love yall with the love of Christ,


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