Thursday, June 17, 2010

The "Why Pray?" Challenge

Hey Yall,

I wanted to extend an invitation to you all. Right now God is dealing with me on the subject of prayer. (It's been pretty intense.) I am finally beginning to understand the importance of prayer in a deeper way. God has challenged me to read books on prayer and more importantly to pray!

This brings up a question for me. Why don't we pray? I'm not just talking about praying over your meals. I'm talking about setting aside time to boldly go before the throne of grace. I'm talking about seeking God's face at the cost of our own comforts. The reasons for not praying could be many. I believe one reason we don't pray is because we don't know why we should pray. What is the whole point of prayer? If God is all-knowing and His sovereign will is going to be accomplished despite anything that man does, then WHY PRAY?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on prayer. I want to get an overall pulse on what people think about prayer and why prayer is so necessary (if it's necessary at all).


I am challenging you to write a brief commentary of your thoughts about prayer. Please include why you think prayer is (or isn't) necessary. For example "I think that prayer is necessary because..." Then you may briefly explain your position. YOU MAY SUBMIT A WRITTEN COMMENTARY OR A VIDEO COMMENTARY. THE VIDEO MUST BE A VIDEO OF YOU :)


Every Monday in July, I will post one of the commentaries on this blog site. If your submission is chosen as a blog post, you will receive a copy of my new CD entitled "The Freedom Project"!


Please send all submissions to FREEDOMMUSICGROUP@YMAIL.COM. Please send your commentary as an attachment. If you are submitting a video commentary, please send us the link. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN JULY 2ND.

Listen, for me this is more than just a contest. I'm looking forward to hearing the many different aspects on the subject of prayer. I'm looking forward to growing and being challenged. If you have any questions, email us at Thank you for your help!

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