Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Well friends, we are coming up to a HUGE milestone on a journey that is really just beginning! Wow, what a journey this has been so far. I look at the time that we have been involved in this Go Fund Me Campaign. 10 months. In that time, we've done the following:
  1. We've raised $13,128 of our $14K goal!!!
  2. We've recorded, mixed, mastered, and packaged my new EP called Between Dreams and Reality.
  3. We've done a national tour called The Dreams to Reality Tour. Like, it was literally across the nation. We ministered to thousands of people.
  4. We've opened for and shared stages with some well known acts in the Christian music industry (Jeremy Camp, Blanca, Sanctus Real, Manafest, Royce Lovett, Trinity 5:7, and more).
  5. We've signed to JAM Booking. I signed as an artist and my wife as a representative. (I love this!)
  6. We've recorded my first national TBN interview.
  7. We've got our first radio airplay in the UK (London).
  8. We've partnered with a great organization and finished a 2 week arts camp where the finale was held in a public mall. We also passed out 100 backpacks to prepare kids for the upcoming school year.
  9. We're promoting our single GO! to 150+ radio stations around the country.
  10. We've got music videos in production.

One of the things that has impacted me the most is that this whole process has encouraged others to dream again! I can't tell you how many people approached my wife and me and have told us how grateful they are for the encouraging music AND for being able to watch the process unfold. Many people have started businesses, made big career changes, strengthened marriage relationships, and more for the glory of God. It's been incredible. This could be a good place to say, "You know what? We've done good! We're only $872 away from our goal and that's close enough. Let's stay here and be content." But I can't.

We learn lessons and even discover purpose on the journey. And on my path between dreams and reality, I've received a better understanding of why God even has me going down this road. I don't know if you've really noticed, but my music is very...hmm...eclectic lol! It's not what you would generally think of when you think "rap music". The crowds that I'm in front of are not your stereotypical rap crowds either. By God's grace, my music is able to reach a broad audience. I didn't plan it that way. But given my background, my musical taste, my story, and of course God's grace...it just sort of happened that way. It's taken me a while, but I'm comfortable in my calling. I'm called to be a bridge. And now I see that God has called me to be a bridge in one of the most divided times in recent history. Ethnicities are divided. The poor and the rich are divided. Churches are divided. Those who stand for righteousness and those who stand for justice are divided. Even in the minds of most people, spirituality and practicality are divided. With all of this division, I truly believe that God is raising forerunners to be bridges in different areas of society. And I believe that I have a major role to play in using music to help bridge some of these spiritual and cultural gaps.

Now you see why I can't be OK with average. I can't be fine with almost doing something. That syndrome has plagued me for most of my life. But not this time. The stakes are too high and my faith is too strong. Friends, there are so many great causes to give to today. As the world gets darker, more needs will surface. (And let me be real: Since I launched my Go Fund Me, I feel as though I've unleashed a Go Fund Me spirit because I see them everywhere now lolol!) I believe that how far we've come in our campaign is truly a testimony of God's hand being on this thing. We wrestled with the thought of even doing a Go Fund Me campaign but we felt the prompting of the Lord to do it so we did. And now He is prompting us to fight the good fight of faith, and to trust Him to help me FINISH this leg of the journey.

Friends, will you truly pray and believe with us? Will you give whatever God puts on your heart (large or small)? Will you help spread the word about this campaign? We really believe that God is doing something BIG here. In our times, we don't just need more music. We need people who are submitting every gift to be supernaturally used of God to change the world. Jeneil and I are going to go as far as the Lord will allow us for His glory. It was always in us to inspire the next generation to be passionate pursuers of God's presence. We have already reached thousands around the country and you are helping to extend our reach even further. We love you all and thank you for your continued prayers and generosity!

Thank you,

Jarrell Flowers
Freedom Music Group

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