Tuesday, March 24, 2015


My favorite emcee...along with my wife and Da TRUTH!
Haha JK! Da TRUTH has always been one of my faves.
His artistry and ministry are both incredible.

The homie J-nice the Kingdom Builder!!
Good bro right here!
Deacon Bosston LOL! Another good dude!
This was supposed to be me, Marty of Social Club, Jeneil and J-nice...
until J-nice took the worst selfie of our generation LOL!
Myself, C-Martyr and Big Ro
My wife and I with J.R. This guy is so musical it's insane.
My wife and I had a good talk with him in the foyer.
S/O to Alex Faith for the blurry pic haaaa!
Who's Alex Faith? Google "Alex Faith ATLast".

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