Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last Weekend in Review (pics & video)

Great weekend!

First, I got yet another batch of these in!

Headed to Victoria, TX to do another girls One Retreat! It was awesome. I never get tired of seeing this...

Had a few firsts this weekend. 
1. I played my entire set with a live band (PS150)!
2. I did Reggae. Yes. We remixed one of the songs and it worked.
3. I sang during a concert...somewhat.

I also got to hang out and minister with this girl. She's beast. I should have done my homework before I met her lol. She's cool people. She did this poem at the retreat

Then of course...Mother's Day!

My lil sis came into town (and brought a friend with her). It was good to see her...LOL
(Dude was cool too.)

And this dude was stuck in my head last weekend! Inspiration!

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