Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Interview & Part We Play Verse Breakdown (@jnicethekb)


A friend of mine (J-nice the Kingdom Builder) recently posted a radio interview that I did for him on his program. If you missed it, you can check it out below...

At the beginning, J-nice played a song from his CD called "Part We Play". I got a chance to feature on that song :) Well, I wanted to break down the lyrics and meaning for you anyway and this seems to be a good time so...here was my verse and meaning:

And don't do this for the money, we don't do this for fame
We don't do this so the industry will know our name
(If you are a Lecrae fan at all, you will recognize this line from his song After the Music Stops. I used it because I felt that it fit the heart behind the song lol! Props to Crae.)

In fact we're rolling with a gang that is nameless, placeless
Lifting up the Head, call it face lift face it...
(Here, I'm referencing the kingdom of God. Nameless refers to the fact that no one person except Christ will be able to take glory for the advancement of His kingdom. Placeless refers to Luke 17:21 where Jesus says that no one will be able to say 'Look, the kingdom is over here', etc. We're only lifting up Christ, the Head of the church. And since I was doing a song for J-nice the KINGDOMBUILDER, I thought it would be cool to throw that in haha!)

I'm too down to earth it's a little bit scary
Harry meet Kari, flesh gets buried
(Ok, so this is the fun part. If you don't get the play on words then you missed the entire point of this line. What happens when Harry meets Kari? You get "HarryKari" which is how you pronounce "hari-kiri". Ah! And just in case you're one of the people who has never heard of hari-kiri before... hari-kiri was a ritual Japanese suicide by disembowelment (spilling your guts). Gross, yes. The line paraphrased: I'm so honest, it's scary. When I spill my guts, the only thing that dies from my honesty is my flesh.)

Still on that Freedom, chains you carry
Knockin'em out of the park Bonds, Barry
(At the time of writing this verse, God was still working some revelation in me about stuff I said on The Freedom Project. And of course, you've got the Barry Bonds play on words...Bonds=chains.)

Heaven meets earth so you really can't stop it
Kingdom swag it ain't really bout the profit
Steady set trippin' so you know I gotta call it
White Rag stay hangin' out of my pocket
(Pretty self-explanatory. Of course, when you interpret this you have to take into context what I said before about being nameless. So the set trippin' and White Rag stuff isn't just talking about people who have bought White Rags. It speaks to a community of believers that are committed to loving the King, willfully submitting to Him, and are advancing His kingdom.)

If I never win a Grammy homie I'm still cool
Spirit of Elijah rap, check you too
I'm just an alien passing through
On these bars like a convict spittin' the truth
(You'll probably here me talking a lot about the Spirit of Elijah/Forerunner/John the Baptist/Nazarite vows/etc. Without getting too deep, just start by checking out Malachi 4:4-6 & Luke 1:17. Study the lives of Elijah and John the Baptist. One of the traits of these incredible prophets was checking people. I think most prophets check people but these definitely did. So I was basically saying that I don't care about winning awards if it means sacrificing the ability to check people with the truth.)

I'm seated in the heavenlies a guaranteed spot
So high it's a long way down to the top
My pen and my pad I'ma open up shop
I'ma write for the right til the day that I drop

Hope you enjoyed and got clarity. Hit me up for questions! And much love to J-nice for letting me on the track. Love you bro. Support J and get his CD here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/end-of-the-world-music/id480764818


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