Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bad Time To Lose My Phone... (God's Got This)

I went to a restaurant today to attend a party and I left...without my phone! Agh! And what a bad time to lose it too. I'm wrapping up confirmations on some tour dates for the "Submission 101" tour AND I'm getting people in the studio to record their part of the Submission 101 Curriculum....and now no one can get a hold of me! No bueno. I called the restaurant an they said they didn't have it :/ I just called the Sprint store to lock everything down. They said that no one used it since I last used it at the restaurant. Maannn! I can't believe I actually left my phone. I don't have insurance either. Things are looking bleak. Oh well. I can rest in knowing that, somehow, God is going to work everything out. Maybe this is all a bad dream? Nope. Just spun my totem and it stopped. This is definitely reality lol! Pray for me as I recheck...everything. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Miracles do happen!! Phone has been found! Yes!