Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That Nike Anointing!

My friend George gave me a pair of running shoes last night. I ran in them for the first time this morning! Man, they're comfortable. It's also nice to know that God takes care of both the big and the small things in life. And to keep me humble, he is allowing other people to provide for me what I can't provide for myself.

I've been losing my sense of independence slowly but surely as of late. (In a good way though.) My wife reminded me that it's being traded in for biblical community. I loved the concept of community. I just never thought that I would NEED to be on the receiving end. This is happening in quite a few areas in my life...youth ministry, record label, and of course in my personal life. This is making me cherish people even more...not for what they can give me, but because they have a heart to help me.

In my mind, I've gotten to the point of questioning why I'm even the leader of the youth ministry and the record label...and my house. I feel that helpless sometimes. My confidence in trusting solely in my abilities is being taken away from me. And that's a good thing. Anyway, Nike means "overcomer". Reebok means...bleh. Thanks for putting me on that Nike anointing, George! Just sayin. ;)

Before and after the anointing (lol)

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