Friday, February 17, 2012

Anarchy vs Submission part 3 (My Writing Process For The "Submission 101" Curriculum)

As I'm continuing to lay out the curriculum, I'm running into what may be a tough bridge to cross. I mentioned in part 2 that the team and I will be discussing what submission to Christ looks like in spirit, soul, and body. All of these areas can be touchy but the most sensitive area that I think I'll run into is....drum roll...that's right, the body.

One reason I think that it will be the most sensitive subject is because when you start talking about how a Christian should treat their body, the usual knee jerk reaction is "oh no that's legalism". But ask that same Christian "what does submitting your body to Christ look like?" You'll get an "uh" here and a "don't have sex outside of marriage" there. So, really, what does it look like? Do our beliefs have any bearing on our physical being? Should what we believe govern what we eat, how much we eat, what we put on our bodies (clothes or tatoos), etc? Is this line of thought too extreme? Has God given us a "one-size-fits-all" standard or is it a loose law depending on whether or not you're convicted by that particular thing?

I think that coming at it from the right perspective is everything. When you talk about submission in any area, you can assume that there is a law that you must submit to. Then you can start questioning a person's relationship to the law. Is the law done away with or not? We're not gonna take that route in the video. We're going to present the reality that we as Christians are submitted to the Law Giver. And as we are submitted to the Law Giver we operate by the Spirit under the law of love. (We'll be exploring what the law of love is in the video.) I really think that this particular video is going to answer a lot of questions and stir up more questions. Not many people talk about what godliness looks like in our physical bodies...outside of don't have sex outside of marriage. And because most of the time there's never a clear distinction given as to what's right and what's wrong, many people are left guessing and in most cases anything goes. Here's a major question that we have to reconcile. If we are not obligated to keep OT laws regarding the body yet the Lord warns us not to be lawless, then what laws are we supposed to be obeying? Hmm. I believe the biblical answer is not as complicated as you may think. Can't wait to explore it more in the video.