Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Trippin" Download & What I Was Thinking (New Song)

Here's a song that I recently did in the studio called "Trippin" :) I made this song because a lot of times when you stand up and speak truth, people tend to think that you're...trippin'! If you speak hard things on a consistent basis, you're pretty much written off as the guy/girl who's constantly on a soapbox. You become "that" Christian. The Christian that everyone respects because of your strong convictions, but also the person that has few friends because you're "too extreme". I kind of picture John the Baptist as this kind of guy. I kind of picture myself as that guy every now and then.

I questioned myself about the way I put the song together because I don't think I've done it this way before. Three verses of ranting about seemingly random topics...and no hook? But then I was like, "Ehh, whatever." The randomness of it adds to the whole feel of "Wow, this dude really is trippin!" And that's normally the perception of "extreme" Christians anyway so I went with it. I think the verses are pretty deep for an on-the-fly song. If I get enough requests, I guess I could break the song down verse by verse to show you all of meanings. If're smart people! I'm sure you'll figure it out :)

 Here's the song:

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Hope you enjoy!


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