Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blind Side (A Note To Self)

Sometimes you don't know you have a pride issue until someone seemingly rises above you.
Sometimes you don't know you have an anger issue until things don't go your way.
Sometimes you don't know you're depressed until you see true happiness.
Sometimes you don't know that you need to be fixed until life reminds you that you are broken.
These reality checks often bounce around in my memory bank to remind me that I am human. I am not all-knowing. But praise God for the Holy Spirit! I have an unction from the Holy One. All things are able to be known to those who listen to His voice. I don't have live a life of being blind-sided by my flaws. I need communion with God. He will reveal to me who He is, and in that process He will reveal to me who I am.

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