Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Confessions Of A Weird Black Rapper

I rarely listen to rap.

I like "soul food" but I don't eat it often. But I will kill a chorizo and egg at any time. Wait that's not...nevermind. 210!

My shoe game is weak...and about, 90% of the time I'm ok with that.

I don't like wearing jewelry. I'll probably never get my ear pierced, get a gold grill, or have a huge medallion hanging from my neck. Wait, it gets worse. I don't wear watches either.

I used to like car rims...shiny ones. But I think I started un-liking them when I kept running into pot holes and I got deeper into debt trying to maintain them. Now I like thick tires.

I don't normally wear hats and accessories when I go rap. And if I had it my way, I'd be looking rough half the time (ie faded jeans and old tees). Thank God for my wife :) ps - my wife saved the day in my White Rags music video shoot. Not so much in the God Belongs in My City music video shoot. I didn't properly plan for and I straight up rebelled on the day of!

I have strong convictions about "body art" aka tatoos. I walk in grace with those who have them (and advocate them as Christians) but uh...I think it's stupid.

How do I really feel about fitteds and snapbacks? I think I have nice hair when I get it cut. So no need for them...unless my hair is waaay out of control or I'm doing a music video and wanna represent my city, state...or something else that I feel needs to be promoted. In those instances the waves would have to take a back seat :)

I don't cut my hair as often as I should, and when I go back to my barber he always says the same thing: "Hey stranger! Whooooaaa!"

I don't own 1 CD from the 116 clique (Lecrae and friends).

That was fun! Might have to do that again sometime except next time give you the really shocking ones haha!


  1. LOL @Chorizo and Egg! You know you're from SA when...

  2. Seriously haha! Recently discovered chorizo & bean and barbacoa and egg. Seemed like weird combinations at first...but they're actually pretty good? I have been in SA too long lol

  3. Bro... I'm exactly the opposite as you as far as tattoos, jewelry, hats etc. maybe that's why we can't stand each other! Haha just kidding man but I do remember those wheels that kept getting jacked up and you had to replace em... Funny

    1. Yeah, that does explain a lot haha! Those tires and rims man...nightmare!