Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anarchy vs Submission pt 2 (my writing process for the "Submission 101" curriculum)

In my last blog (part 1), I mentioned that the word "submit" generally leaves a bad taste in a person's mouth. Why? I think it's because people have this worldly idea of what submission is. Worldly submission brings with it this idea that people or things are brought into submission through pain. The idea that someone would actually WANT to submit to another is so foreign that the very word "submission" just feels weird. It's feels like it should be grouped with words like "conquered" and "slaves".
However, the bible doesn't teach that this is what biblical submission is supposed to look like. The bible actually teaches that willful submission is possible and even expected in every relationship: God and mankind, husbands and wives, parents and children, bosses and workers, church leaders and congregation, and people and government. In fact the only time where we see unwilling submission is when the desires of the flesh are involved. (It's important to note that submission and obedience are to different things.) I think that when we see what biblical submission looks like, we will run to it instead of from it. Here's a trend I'm seeing: people buck against leadership yet they love structure and order. Some of that is definitely the person. But when I run into people who seem to fight against leadership, I find out that they are not just rebelling to rebel. It's not because they hate every form of leadership. Sometimes the person is rebelling against a perceived system of leadership that doesn't set right with them. Sometimes their perception is way off...but sometimes it's dead on. In the first DVD, I'm really going to try to lay the foundation for biblical submission. Then me and the team will explore what submission looks like in spirit, soul and body in the remaining 3 DVDs. Now...if I could only find the time to write the outlines!

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