Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joel Osteen says Mormons are Christians? (Video)

One of my elders passed this video along to me. I wish the whole thing was posted so that I could hear the full context with my own two ears. Maybe I could hear how he came to this conclusion? I really try to extend as much leniency as possible to Joel but I don't know...this doesn't help him look less suspect. It's tough because the guy really is positive and encouraging.

My reason for posting this is not to start a fire storm. Believers (like me) are faced with this situation every day. It comes in a different face but the concept is the same. How much grace do you extend to a person who says and does stuff that seems (and sometimes is) contradictory to the word of God. When do you say "that's enough" and write them off as not being a part of the body? Is it our place to do that? What do you think?

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