Monday, September 12, 2011

How I'm Doing...

So I was gonna go ahead and record a video instead of typing out this post...but I just popped myself in the mouth with a rubber band. In addition to me having a bruise on my top lip, that accident triggered emotions in me that only typing could mend lol! Seriously though >:-/

I've had a very interesting year so far. Pretty busy, I guess. I looked at my TuneCore account today and it told me that it has been 308 days since I've released "The Freedom Project". Crazy, I know. Here's what's funny: the CD is just now catching on to some people. My last statement from TuneCore informed me that this past July was the highest amount of downloads that I've received since the CD came out on iTunes in November. Realistically, that translates to a little over $20 from iTunes in July but...whatever. It's still an interesting fact.

So now that the video shoots, weekends jam-packed with concerts, the God Belongs In My City campaign and walk, and the "Rags 2 Riches" campaign are all behind me (well, almost with Rags 2 Riches...waiting on one more donation), I'm ready to relax. Something strange has happened, too. It's like God has cleared my calendar because I don't have another confirmed concert until FlavorFest in October. I know that the Lord has put this season in front of me for a few reasons. I had a dream a while back that actually started this faith walk about a year ago. In the dream, there were three different time frames represented. For the sake of time I'll just say that I know the second time frame was a time of rest and examination...and little to no funds coming in. We've been in that second time frame since August, and here's what I've learned since then...

I NEED PEOPLE. I know this may sound like a repeat because I've mentioned my need for community before in this blog. But since then, I hadn't taken any action to make sure I'm linking up with others for the sake of accountability and forward progress. There was a time when I was pressing hard for accountability only to find out that people talked about it but didn't really want it as bad as I did. (Maybe they did but they were afraid.) I got burned out and made sure to avoid any scenario like that. But now I really need people. These things that God has given me to do can't be done by my wife and me alone. I'm a husband, father, youth pastor and artist/owner of a record label. I can't do all of them well without help...but I've tried. And as a result, I've been slipping in my personal goals (working out), family goals, ministry goals and business goals. It's sad, really. So what have I done to remedy this situation??

Well, on the personal level, I think I did exactly what the Lord wanted me to do. And that was to intentionally sit and learn from my dad. This is fresh, too. Last week was my first week. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we are working out and getting a bible study in before work at 8am. This somewhat takes care of my working out situation (and will definitely take care of the "being discipled" situation as the relationship develops). Health wise, if I can get another day in and partner with my wife on watching our diet then I should be good! Maybe I should start this diet-watching thing after these cookies that we ordered come in lol! (One of the kids in our youth group was selling cookies...what would you have me do?!?) As far as family goals, my wife and I still working on that with fear and trembling lol! We pray and read the word as a family but I think it's time to take it to another level. Nyomi will be starting her catechisms in a few months. This will be interesting. As far as ministry and business goals, we are praying for faithful and trustworthy people who will come alongside us to help us. He's sent us a few people on the youth ministry side. Not so much on the record label side yet. But I think the first step is confession. It's just too much for us to do alone...especially if we want to do it well.

Lastly, I started writing again yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to release a free album download late October. It was actually pretty difficult. The content is so delicate. I've got to be careful how I say what I say on this project. And because I've been doing other things besides focusing on my craft, it was like opening an archive lol! Not good. So I'm gonna devote lots of time to relearning how to ride my bike and pray that someone who loves the business side will come along so that Freedom Music Group will stay in existence. Ok it's not that serious but yeah...pray with me. I love you all with the love of the Lord!

Thank you for your time,

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