Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Morality vs being Christlike

Here's a little thought that's been in my heart...
I'm noticing more and more that the older people become, the more keen they become to morality. When people reach different points in their lives they look back & say "Man what I did back then was dumb! I can't believe I listened to ___ or said ____! What was I thinking?" In most cases, this creates a sense of self comfort. They take comfort in the fact that they now have a better grasp on morality. (This comfort has it's root in an evolution-based worldview but I won't go into that right now.) And many people are convinced that because they have a better grasp on morality they are closer to Christ & Christlikeness. These people are as lost as when they were born.

Let's get something straight. Morality is not equal to Christlikeness. Being like Christ is equal to Christlikeness. And the first, unavoidable step in being Christlike is regeneration! To act purely as Christ acted you must be as Christ was...holy. Every other way of trying to be Christlike is rooted in man made religion.

I feel sorry for those who feel like they are closer to God because they are not as "bad" as they were before. There's only one way to the Father & trying to be moral is not it.

The End :)


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