Sunday, March 20, 2011

What is the "Rags 2 Riches" Campaign?? (4.4.11)

Hey Yall,

I want to give you some information about a collaborative effort between Freedom Music Group and Everchange Acdemy. You may have heard me mention a campaign called "Rags 2 Riches". I'm gonna briefly give you some background about what it is. Later we'll talk about how you can get involved.

First let's talk about what Everchange Academy is all about. Everchange Academy is a faith-based program that takes kids ranging from ages 12-17yrs that have been adjudicated to placement by the state. The program is based in Hondo, TX and is directed by an awesome man of God (and long time friend), Dan Ytuarte. Without going into too much detail, Everchange is a place where kids are sent when they get in trouble with the law. When a young person gets in trouble and has to serve time somewhere, the judge has the option to send them to various places. One of these places is Everchange Academy. I encourage you to check out for more info about the program. Awesome stuff!

So how did I get involved?? Well I've been visiting Everchange Academy for years! I've had the opportunity to minister through teaching and through rap. (The concept for my song "White Rags" actually came from Everchange Academy! I'll talk more about that in my next video blog.) Well recently, the Lord laid it on my heart to help Everchange raise funds for the organization sooo...

Here's how you can help:

1. On April 4th, you will be able to go WWW.FREEDOMMUSICGROUP.COM and donate directly to the "Rags 2 Riches" Campaign. (All money donated directly to the campaign will go straight to Everchange Academy.) You will also be able to go to WWW.EVERCHANGE.ORG and donate directly to Everchange Academy. Please support!

2. From April 4th - June 6th, Freedom Music Group will be donating a portion of the profits from every physical copy of "The Freedom Project" EP sold during this time frame. We will also be donating a portion of the profits from every White Rag that is sold during this time frame. (At last, I finally get to put these rags on the website!!) So how can you support?? Starting April 4th, please tell your friends, aunties, uncles, cousin nem to go to WWW.FREEDOMMUSICGROUP.COM and order the physical copy of "The Freedom Project" EP & a WHITE RAG! (ITunes buyers I definitely appreciate your support. However during this time frame, I ask that you consider purchasing the physical copy INSTEAD of going to iTunes.) A portion of the profits from CD and White Rag sold at concerts will also go to support Everchange Academy. And for all of you who are wondering, "What ever happenend to the video?"...well it's being released as a part of this campaign.

3. Please pray for the success of the "Rags 2 Riches" campaign. We really want to raise as much money as possible to assist this awesome program! Because this is our goal, we plan to publicize this as much as possible. Please pray that the right connections be made so that we can do TV interviews, radio interviews and press releases in various publications in both San Antonio and Hondo, TX. In addition to the fundraising, we've also been given 3 dates to minister through rap at Everchange Acdemy. Those dates are April 10th, May 8th and May 15th. I'll be doing the April date and Freedom Music Group will be partnering with other SA artists to plug them in to the May dates. Please pray that all 3 dates are packed with Holy Ghost power and that the gospel is clearly communicated.

That's all for now! I'll be posting a follow up video blog for those who may not enjoy reading :) Thank you so much for your time. Talk to you in a couple of days...



  1. Hey Brother Jerrell,
    This sounds like a great cause, I PRAY THAT IT WILL BE A SUCESS!! I guess Im buying more cd's.
    Just wondering have you thought about having a small concert?? $5 get you in and im sure you can gather some artist that are willing to help the cause; they could come and sing, dance, what ever talent God has given them. Just a suggestion :)

    P.s. I will be buying some white rags for the next time you come to ITH we will have some, but I would really like a couple of them shirts too will those be coming up for sale soon as well??


  2. Hey!! Thank you so much for your support. That benefit concert idea was a great one! I'll definitely consider that. As far as the White Rags, you'll be able to order them from the website as early as Monday or in person at concerts. T-shirts...we've been thinking about tees and other products. We'll get on that lol!

    Thanks again for your support. You and your fam are the bomb! (Do people even say that anymore?)

    Much love,