Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prophetic Dreams and Visions (pt 2)

So on Facebook I let everyone know that I lost my wallet, right? Well I didn't let you know how I lost it so here it goes...

I was actually doing a print job at FedEx Kinkos last Sunday afternoon. I had another shipment of CDs that had to go out so there I was...printing more CD covers & CD labels. (By the way, thanks to all those who have bought the CD so far. Also thank you for the great responses to it! I'm gonna get better at posting my events too...pray for me lol! And if you haven't bought the CD yet, go ahead and get off that $5 haha! :) The next day, I went to another Kinkos near my house to do more CD stuff. I think I left my wallet/planner at one of those Kinkos stores. Sad, I know. I was looking for it Monday evening and I couldn't find it. I thought, "This could be bad but I probably just misplaced it or something. I'll tear the house down tomorrow and find it." Great plan, right? I thought so too until the next morning.

Monday night I went to sleep thinking about what I could've done with my wallet/planner. It was pretty important because I pretty much carry my life in there. Sad, I know. My passport, my debit cards, my ID/Driver's license, my checkbook, my blockbuster card (very important), my Sam's card...everything. I went to sleep with this on my mind. Then I had a dream. I dreamed that I was at the first Kinkos I visited. I was asking the cashier who helped me Sunday if she knew where my wallet/planner was. (Her name is Kat, a very helpful lady by the way.) In my dream, Kat was telling me that she didn't know where my wallet was. That was it, the end of the dream. When I woke up I got the feeling that maybe my planner was taken. After the dream, I was pretty sure that I left it at Kinkos and if Kat didn't know where it was...then I had a problem. Even though I was pretty sure I wasn't 100% so I woke up and began to search (sort of frantically) for my planner. I went to the Kinkos near my house to find out if I had left my wallet there. Then I asked them to call the first Kinkos I went to so that they could check if someone may have turned it in. They called and could find it. I was unhappy with their answer so I went myself. I was like, "Maybe Kat is there and she'll remember me. If it's there, she'll know for sure." I think I left it on the check out counter so if anybody would know where it would be Kat would know right?? I went to the first Kinkos I visited and guess Kat! I asked the people who were working there if the found my wallet. They looked in their lost and found and told me the same thing that they told me when I was at the other wallet found. I asked them when Kat was coming in. They said she wasn't coming in until 2pm. (I don't know why I asked. She told me in the dream that she didn't know where it was.) So I went back to my truck and proceeded to melt down in the parking lot. I was asking God why He wouldn't tell me where my wallet was. I was so frustrated with Him. Then I remembered the dream. Then I got frustrated because I wasn't tryna decode a dream at the moment. I was trying not to believe that someone would take something that doesn't belong to them. Then that still small voice came and said, "Jarrell, someone has your wallet." Because I was sooo frustrated, I quickly said, "Lord if someone has my wallet, please crush them!" Be careful what you ask for.

(to be continued...)

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  1. Oh my, I can't wait for the next part...Why you have to break this into parts, Bro?...LOL Anyway, I hope you were able to get the important documents back...I can totally understand how you feel as something quite similar happened to me and mine has more than 5K (cash) and all my important cards...It was heartbreaking especially after working hard in the cruise ships for that money...It took me days to finally accept what had happened and God gave me peace of mind and Joe also helped encouraged me that God has a purpose and that He will provide...God bless!