Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Tolerate Sin!

I want to share a few things that the Holy Spirit taught me today. Today I was on my way to a chapel service at Christian Academy of San Antonio (CASA). I dropped my 2 1/2 month old daughter off at her grandma's house (it's still feels weird saying that). I had to come back to my house because I forgot something. On my way in the door, I noticed a hairy black thing by the doorway. I looked a little closer guessed it! It was a tarantula!! Now I'm not really scared of spiders if I can see them. The only time I get a little creeped out is if there may be spiders in a place where I can't see them. Once I noticed that it was a tarantula, I went into my garage, got a broom, and swiped the tarantula away from the door. I didn't kill it right away because I just wanted to look at it and see its reaction to it being violently moved. Well when I moved the spider it did something that I had never seen another spider do. It had the front two of its legs in the air and posed this sort of "striking" pose. I was like "Are you serious? This spider doesn't know that I am NOT on his level. If I was I'd be in serious trouble but I'm not. I can crush him!" I agitated the spider again and the spider did the same thing. Then I got mad and just squashed it with the broom. And to make sure that no freak accident that you see in the movies happened to me, I made sure that there was no coming back to life for that tarantula. Then I swept it into the grass so that the ants could cart away the remains.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said "That's how sin is." Then the phrase came to my mind: "...sin lieth at the door..." (Genesis 4:7). I thought to myself "Wow! If I didn't see that spider there until it was to late, it could have come in the house when I opened the door and then escaped my grasps. Then I really would have been afraid." Imagine that. A loose tarantula "somewhere" in your house! Outside the door, it's so much more manageable. But once inside the house and unseen it can cause sleepless nights. That's how sin is. Sin is looking for an opportunity to get in. It may not look big to us, but once we engage in sin it is in the house...and we are afraid. Sin that goes undealt with WILL produce fear. Fear of what? Fear of the presence of God, fear that our steps are really not ordered of the Lord, fear of making unwise decisions in relationships or otherwise, fear of failure, fear...fear...fear! So what should be our attitude toward sin?

Believe me...if that spider made it in my house, I would have searched tirelessly for that spider until I found it. Why? Because if I didn't find it, I wouldn't have had peace of mind. I would have had a lingering fear that what I didn't deal with would come back to haunt me. We CANNOT tolerate sin...even if it seems small. The smallest sin can create fear because any sin, big or small, creates a breach between us and God. To put it plainly, show me how much fear you have in your life and I'll show you how much sin you have in your life. Confidence comes in trust-grounded obedience (faith) towards God. Anything else outside of trust-grounded obedience is sin. Fear is just a natural byproduct of sin. After Adam and Eve sinned, they hid from the presence of God because they were afraid. That's just the way it is. DO NOT TOLERATE SIN. KILL IT. If the Holy Spirit is in you, you can attest to the fact that He is aggressively attacking every sinful way that is in you. Our submission to the Spirit of God is His "broom" that He uses to kill the tarantulas in our lives.

So friends, Submit to God and Resist the devil.


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