Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Little Bit About Me


Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jarrell Flowers. I am married to an awesome woman named Jeneil! The bible says that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. I have definitely found a "good thing" in Jeneil. She really is amazing. I have also recently been blessed with another gift in the person of Nyomi Raquel Flowers! Nyomi was born just a few days ago and...WOW! I have never loved a little baby so much! I feel a great responsibility to teach her how to bring glory to the Lord because "children are a heritage of the Lord". That's so hard to hear sometimes but it's so true. In the light of eternity, children are not our heritage. We are merely stewards of the Lord's heritage. He has graciously entrusted us with His heritage...the furtherance of HIS family Name! WOW.

What I Do:

My first ministry is to my family. If I weary myself trying to minister to others only to find out that in the end my wife and child have fallen short of God's calling for their lives, then I have miserably failed as a man of God. God is teaching me more and more how to be a better husband and father. But anyway...that's my first ministry.
I am also a youth minister at our church. I attend Faith Outreach Center Intl. My father pastors this church along with a great group of elders. (Yeah I'm a PK.) I work at our church part-time. However, we all know that youth ministry is never "part-time".
I am also a Christian music artist. I do Christian rap. I also produce music for other artists, write songs, etc. I do this "part-time" as well. At first glance you probably would think that I do music...especially rap. Your second glance would only confirm your first one hahaha! I don't look anything like a rapper. I don't dress like a rapper. I don't even call myself a rapper. Lol! I just have a gift to put words and music together that bring glory to God. That pretty much sums up my musical talents. I've started a record label called Freedom Music Group. I am the first and only artist on the label so far. It's been a long process but my CD is almost complete! I can't wait to see what God will do with this label.

Why I decided to start a blog spot:

I am going through serious progressions in my walk with the Lord. Since I've graduated from Texas Bible Institute, God has taken me on this spiritual journey that has been nothing short of revelatory. He's taught me concerning the Kingdom of God, the Torah, grace, sanctification, discipleship, the family unit, the structure and operation of the church, apologetics, and so much more. I've been enjoying this time with the Lord. Lately, however, He has been showing me how all of these things tie into each other! He has also challenged me to allow all of these things to become reality in my life by living a lifestyle of radical faith. He dropped a phrase in my heart a while back that has been going off in my spirit like a thousand bells since He spoke it to me. "Deeper than theory" were the words He spoke to me. In other words, He challenged me to allow Him to take me deeper than a head knowledge about spiritual things. He's calling me to walk in them....to walk in the supernatural without fear. He's slowly taking me through baby steps. So far, I've prayed for a few sick people and they have come back with reports of healing. God's also used my dream life in incredible ways...mostly to warn people. He's used me to prophesy (accurately). And of course, He has used me to lead others to Himself! I've been so excited about this process that I only thought it proper to share with others what God is showing me. My intent is to post whatever the Lord allows for however long He allows me to do so. Hopefully this blog will ignite passion and hunger for God, His truth, and His reality in the hearts and lives of all who read. (Oh...and I'd love to hear your feedback. I think we all grow that way!)

I could probably tell you more but that'll be all for now. I hope you join on my journey to bringing the pages of the bible into reality. Either God is real or He isn't. Either He is who He said He is or He is a fake and a liar. Either He can do all that He said He can do or my hope is in vain. If God is God then may He answer by fire.



  1. Glad to see you started posting bro. We started almost at the same time. Congrats on the baby!